Who are we? First and foremost we are members, supporters and subscribers of St. Mark’s CRC. Over the years we have made contact with many people who support our events. Some of them pay an annual fee and become members.  Members elect the CRC Council and so have a say in how we run CRC. Through this website we hope to build an online community where some supporters join us as subscribers to the website, so they can try us out and decide whether to become a member.

CRC has a governing council of up to 14 people. The membership elect CRC Council at its AGM in the autumn each year. We welcome new nominations to the council which meets about four times a year. We meet at St Mark’s Church in Sheffield to plan CRC’s exciting programme of conferences and discuss the issues of the day. We are an ecumenical organisation and our council membership reflects this.

Council Membership

Revd. Sue Hobley – Chair

Anne Padget – Vice Chair

Frances Gray – Secretary

Robin Saunders – Treasurer

– Administrator

Revd. Sue Hammersley

Revd. John Schofield

Revd. Sarah Colver

Maureen Bownas

Roger Lasko

Jane Padget

Sibylle Batten

Carol Wise