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Each year CRC hosts a number of events. At our day conferences, usually in Spring and Autumn, we invite pioneer thinkers or practitioners from around the world to share their wisdom and experience. Previous speakers include leading biblical scholars, theologians, philosophers, and environmentalists such as Marcus Borg, Dominic Crossan, Richard Holloway, Eley McAinsh, Tariq Ramadan, Nicola Slee, Jack Spong, Adrian Thatcher, Martyn Percy, Ann Pettifor, Rowan Williams and Kathy Galloway.

We also arrange Seminar & Library Evenings when innovative voices introduce timely topics before contributing to the ensuing debate. Recent topics include: ’The Heart’s Time’ – a Poetry evening; ‘Jesus the Jew’; A Liberation Theology for the UK; ‘Mindfulness and Compassion’; and the challenge of Religious Diversity.

Three times a year we produce a Newsletter. A typical edition would include reports on previous events, leaders and articles, book reviews and promotions. We also contribute to a series of publications, Together in Hope, that seek to make Progressive Christianity more accessible to everyone.