As you explore your faith, do you wrestle with questions, problems, confusions and doubts? You can enjoy the opportunity to exchange and explore your ideas with others on a similar journey by joining a local group. Discussions are held in an open, non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere. This reflects the approach encouraged at the central CRC conferences and seminars.


There is a local group that meet monthly in Sheffield. For information please contact Robin Story via .

CRC has renamed the Sheffield Group as the “Sheffield CRC-PCN Group”. It is affiliated to the Progressive Christian Network (PCN) and so it is posted on PCN’s website.

Other Areas

If you would like to start a group in your area with CRC members, contact St Mark’s CRC by email at or write to the Administrator, St Marks CRC, c/o 4 St. Mark’s Crescent, Sheffield, S10 2SG.

Alternatively similar study groups, sponsored by the Progressive Christianity Network (PCN), meet regularly throughout the UK. For information about these groups please visit the PCN website.