Ways to get involved

St. Mark’s CRC aims to support and help individuals and groups who are working for prophetic, inclusive and open-minded churches.

At the CRC we are committed to sharing Jesus’ radical message of God’s love for all people in their communities.

We would love to have you on board as a member

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through paying an annual fee and appointing the Council each year to support CRC.  Other benefits of membership are:

  • promotion of conferences, seminars and other meetings
  • support and resources for a network of people and church communities through members and subscribers
  • resources such as the library, newsletter and information about conferences, courses, meetings, etc organised by other groups sympathetic to the CRC aims.
  • sharing of our vision by working alongside other organisations with similar aims
  • encouragement of radical discipleship in social action and a commitment to local and global justice
  • a safe space for people to explore their spiritual journey.
attend our events and they are on our mailing lists. We hope all our supporters who have an email address will become a subscriber.