St. Mark’s CRC is based in Sheffield with a membership of around two hundred drawn from around the UK. St. Mark’s is our home. CRC was set up in 2003 “…to explore the meaning of the Christian Faith in the 21st Century and to offer a fresh vision of an open and Inclusive church unafraid to ask the big questions.
St. Mark’s is a wonderfully open and atmospheric worship area with striking stained glass and uncluttered walls. Meeting in familiar and sympathetic surroundings is one expression of the hospitality central to our vocation. We welcome searchers of all faiths – and of all denominations or none, and hope that everyone will feel at home.


  • If conventional approaches to Christianity are no longer persuasive…
  • If living with questions is more important than finding answers….
  • If believing in a God of miracles seems beyond comprehension….
  • If faith is more about searching for meaning than securing salvation….
  • If relating to Jesus is more persuasive than the Christ of the church….
  • If including all within the community of Jesus is crucial to you….
  • If you are looking for a way of life rather than a set of beliefs….

Then read on…

Meeting together is another vital ingredient of CRC. Many members belong to congregations that are closed to new thinking; others are thoughtful enquirers without affiliation to any religious institution; others still have all but given up on God. What we share in common is that we value the company of like-minded people and the opportunity to explore faith honestly and openly. Woven into each programme is time for sharing stories and forging friendships.

Radical is a word readily misunderstood, especially within religious circles. Fundamentalist extremism is certainly not what is intended! We understand radical in the light of its Latin derivation, ‘rooted’. In our case, rooted in the person of Jesus of Nazareth – not doctrines about him, but the authority of his humanity: his wisdom and vision; his passion for justice and inclusive compassion; his grounding of spirituality within the earthiness of existence; his capacity for affirming life and engendering a fuller, more profound quality of human being in others.

Christianity is an umbrella term. To be clear, CRC is neither ‘establishment’ nor seeks to promote a party line. But equally, we belong to a living tradition reaching back to Jesus, which has given birth to a wide range of creative interpretations and insights. Within this inheritance, CRC seeks to engage critically yet constructively with forbears and contemporaries alike in order to foster expressions of faith that are able to engage with the challenges and opportunities of our time.

What attracted you to CRC?

“I long for fresh ideas which CRC gives me and, sadly, my local church seldom does”
CRC member
“I felt at home and with like-minded people of faith. It seemed that CRC was doing something vital and I wanted to be part of that”
CRC member
“Realising that so many others with Christian backgrounds have admitted their accumulated doubts and are open to new understandings …”
CRC member